Tomlyn Introduces Dr. Jim Lowe - Note from the Vet

Tomlyn Introduces Dr. Jim Lowe - Note from the Vet

October 2, 2015

Dr. Jim Lowe received is Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from the Texas A & M University College of Veterinary Medicine in 1995. Having practiced for eighteen years in locales from Texas to Montana, he realized that a technical services position would offer him a much broader platform to educate pet owners regarding the care of their companions. His duties include sales and marketing support for the Tomlyn® team as well as Vetoquinol ® USA. Dr. Lowe is married to a veterinary technician who is passionate about caring for animals. Their daughter has a love for all creatures and the family shares its home with one dog, three cats, and a multitude of aquarium fish.

Q and A with Dr. Lowe:

  1. Where do you mind not waiting?
    Nowhere. I admit patience is not my strong suit.
  2. Who is your favorite all-time singer?
    George Strait. A troubadour without bells, whistles, fog machines, or laser lights.
  3. What was your first job?
    Grocery sacker. The tips I received kept gas in my truck.
  4. What is your favorite all-time movie scene?
    The final courtroom scene in A FEW GOOD MEN with Tom Cruise and Jack Nicholson
    “You can’t handle the truth!”
    A powerful exchange between two individuals with different definitions of honor. One holds honor to mean truth, the other holds it to mean security at any cost.
  5. If you could have a super power, what would it be?
    The power of flight.
  6. What is your favorite thing to do on an airplane?
    Crossword puzzles, especially if I can complete them.
  7. 15 hours on a train through a scenic route or a 1 hour plane flight?
    15 hours on a train
  8. Your favorite potato chip flavor?
    Salt and vinegar
  9. Aside from lettuce, what are your two favorite salad ingredients?
    Boiled eggs and jalapenos
  10. Can you juggle?
Note From Vet: 

Notes from Vets

December 15, 2016
Your veterinarian prescribes a strength of a specific antibiotic for a determined amount of time to best support overcoming the diagnosed infection. Under-dosing or not giving the entire course prescribed promotes resistant microorganisms.
September 21, 2016

In all the excitement, sweat, and logistics of relocating one’s residence, details regarding your pet’s health and well-being can be overlooked. A sound plan can ease their transition.

December 7, 2015

Our four-legged companions are family members, and as such, we wish them to be included in all activities around the holiday season.  Some precautions should be taken, however, as the festive season can present new hazards in the life of your pet.