December 7, 2015

A…anxiety related to noise

B…barking excessively when crated

C…coping with new challenges

D…disturbances to normal routine

E…electrical storms


G…going on road trips

H…household destruction

I…interactions with visitors

J…jumping on visitors


L…loud noises

M…moving to new home

N…nausea associated with car rides

O…open houses

November 11, 2015

Want to go beyond the standard adoption?  Consider opening your home and your heart to an older dog or cat.

 But their life expectancy is limited?

Yes, so you have an opportunity to ensure the last part of this animal’s life is safe, secure, and filled with care.

Many of them will have special needs?

Exactly, and by adopting you commit to this animal’s care when it is needed most.

November 11, 2015

One of the wonders of the holidays is the unbelievable variety (and amount) of special foods prepared to celebrate the season.  Failure to pay attention to preventing your pet’s access to these foods can cause your time of celebration to turn into a medical emergency.  The following list contains some common foods dangerous to dogs and cats.  Take note that these foods may also be found as ingredients in main dishes or be encountered by inquisitive pets investigating the trash can.