Non-Probing Ear Cleaner - Earoxide™

Non-Probing Ear Cleaner - Earoxide™
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Non-Probing Ear Cleaner - Earoxide™


  • EASY!  No swabbing or probing of ear canal
  • Effective and painless
  • Unique bubbling action
  • Works instantly
  • Economical 4oz solution
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!
  • Carbamide peroxide is used to help break down buildup of ear wax in animal’s ears

Clip ear hair and clean your pet’s outer ear. Fill the ear canal with Ear Cleanser and gently massage by pressing on the external ear canal. After a few minutes, you may release your pet and allow it to shake its head and throw out the dissolved material. Repeat daily until the ear canal is free of foreign material.

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UPC: 0-30521-00461-4
Tomlyn Product Code: 411445

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