“I have used this product for many years. Whenever one of my animals has gone off food or became old and feeble I have used this to support their health. It is a High Calorie Nutritional Gel - Nutri-Cal® - that has necessary vitamins and minerals needed during a recovery period or to keep an aging friend in health.”
“My dog and best friend Jake was diagnosed with Fibrosarcoma in his jaw last year and was given a few months to live. Well Jake can't read so he didn't abide by the vet's prognosis. It has, however, become increasingly difficult for him to swallow his food and this has caused him to lose a good bit of weight. Fortunately we discovered High Calorie Nutritional Gel - Nutri-Cal® and have been supplementing his food with it. This has allowed Jake to enjoy more energy for a better quality of life than would have been possible without this dietary supplement. What a great product!”
“I absolutely LOVE this product! We have cats who were formerly feral. When they came to us, they had upper respiratory problems common to feral cats. Although I took them to the vet, no medications were prescribed as the veterinarian told me eventually their respiratory problems would go away. The cats continued to sneeze and sneeze. So, I started giving them Immune Support Chews (L-lysine Supplement Chews for cats) and within a day or so their symptoms started to go away. I still give it to them on a daily basis.”
“High Calorie Nutritional Supplement - Nutri-Cal® is a great product for pets that do not get enough calories. My 23-year-old cat has a hard time getting enough calories since he's not terribly interested in his food anymore, but he loves this stuff!”
“I have been using the High Calorie Nutritional Gel - Nutri-Cal® supplement for animals for years and they really like it, both dogs and cats. The product is especially good for the animals when you tend to feed them a lot of table food and for when they are off food.”