Twitter Q&A

How can my family best pet-proof the house when I visit?
From @TaterTotTweets1
Consider what plants are there. If you aren’t sure about a plant, pick it up and move it. Close all doors to rooms you don’t want the pet to be in. If you have any food left out on coffee tables or side tables make sure it’s picked up, such as bowls of chocolate or other candy.
How can I introduce a pet to a new child?
From @tabithac9
It’s all about getting the animal to be calm before the event occurs. Be proactive in putting the animal in the new room, around the new environment where the child will be. Try not to waver the amount of time you’re spending with the animal to make sure his life doesn’t change much. And structure some time with the pet and the new baby so they can get used to each other. Continue to give the pet lots of toys, treats, food and time so he sees the child as a good thing and not a threat. For older children, make sure the dog has a place to go on his own, too.
What are the safest household cleaners for pets with allergies?
From @LymphomaLetters
It depends on what they are allergic to. It will be dictated by the type of allergies, so we recommend chatting with your veterinarian.