I wanted to reach out to you to thank you for a wonderful product. I have been using your L-lysine powder for years now on both my own cats and all the cats I rescue (about 50 animals a year). Thanks to this amazing product, I have been able to keep them all healthy and away from the vet office! Thank you again so much! Our rescue site is www.adoptapet.com/byoh.

Charlie Brown

Sally says Charlie Brown is her daughter’s “best friend in the entire world”. Thanks to Tomlyn, his joint and hoof issues are gone, and he’s back to chasing her around the arena and frolicking in the pasture!


This comfy cutie is Lucy. Vicki from Louisiana says she loves her because “she is a great watch dog.”


This is Jordy celebrating his first Christmas with BFF Debbie from Wisconsin. Hopefully there were some dog treats under the tree!


This pair is from a galaxy far, far away. Han and Princess Leia are the pet pals to Caitlyn from Washington. Caitlyn says “they are full of unconditional love” and have helped her find her family.


Max is quite the conversationalist according to Carrie from Pennsylvania. She says she loves Max because he’ll always answer back.


Tip E Toes is the pet pal to Tammy from New York. She says she loves him “because he’s my baby.”


Laura from Tennessee says she loves this pointy-eared cutie for being a great protector!


Jim from Tennessee says Sampson loves to spend his time collecting and chewing on sticks! Jim loves his pet pal because “he makes me smile and laugh when days are tough.”


This cutie is Scarlett. Jenny from Arizona says she loves Scarlett because “she’s a great protector.”


Jason from New Hampshire loves his friend Gizmo because “she’s a sweetheart.” She seems to think the same!


Jaci from Louisiana says Geno Meowkin “makes life worth living.”


Diane from New Hampshire says her cat, Salem, “makes me happy.”


Courtney from Minnesota loves this pointy-eared cutie “because of how excited she gets when I come in the house! She cries and licks me and it sounds like she says ‘mama’.” Nothing better than the feeling of a pet happy to see its best friend!


Anita from Kentucky says she loves this cute kitty “because she is my baby.”

KittiesCharlie 1 (1)14. Vicki D. Hammond Louisiana13. Debbie V. Kaukauna Wisconsin12. Caitlyn O. Bellingham Washington11. Carrie Z. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania10. Tammy K. Rome NY9. Laura B. Maynardville TN8. Jim B. Old Hickory TN7. Jenny G. Mesa AZ6. Jason L. Lebanon, NH5. Jaci T. Lafayette, LA4. Diane P. Meredith NH3. Courtney C. St. Clair Shores Michigan2. Anita J. Louisa KY