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Dog Dental Care: Three ways to look after your dog’s teeth

Did you know many dogs show signs of dental health issues as early as the age of 4 years old if they aren’t provided with proper oral hygiene? The first sign is usually bad breath, which is common in dogs. Give your dog regular home check-ups and follow the tips below to help your dog stay content and have a happy smile. 

Photo via gooddogma.com

  1. Teeth Cleaning
    These two words can make any dog owner feel anxious. However, if you start the process of teeth cleaning in the puppy stage, brushing your adult dog’s teeth can become as simple as brushing his coat. Choose either a double-headed toothbrush or a “finger brush” and get your dog used to brushing in short sessions. It’s a good practice to do this when he’s less excitable.

    Always use dog-specific toothpaste, as human toothpaste can cause an upset tummy. Be gentle when brushing, and look to your pet to determine whether they’re comfortable enough to continue. If you can get your dog to start brushing their own teeth – well, you’ve surpassed all of us!

    Brushing two to three times a week has shown to be effective in improving a dog’s dental health, but it’s fair to say some dogs will just never be into it. Luckily there other alternatives to help their cute smiles!

  2. Dental Chews
    Dental chews are another great way to promote good dental health. Chewing a dental chew exhibits a thorough scraping motion on the tooth, which helps reduces the buildup of plaque and tartar. This contributes to good dental health in dogs. Dental chews come in a variety of sizes that are suitable for all shapes and sizes of dogs (petite, small, medium and large).

    One dental chew a day helps keep the Canine Tooth Fairy away!

  3. Dental Toys
    Last, but not least, are the playtime toys that help clean your dog’s teeth without them ever knowing! These toys are shaped in ways that massage and clean your dog’s teeth and gums as they happily chew away.

    While the dental toys aren’t as thorough as teeth brushing or dental chews, adding a couple of these toys to your dog’s playtime is a great alternative. It can help contribute to good dental health – all while he is having the time of his life! Check out your local pet store and ask for these types of toy options.

           Photo via gooddogma.com

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