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5 Tips for Traveling with your Pet this Summer

As much as you look forward to being in your favorite vacation spot, the trip there can be exhausting with anticipation and boredom. If you’re bringing a pet, he can be as restless as a 5-year-old child (minus the “are we there yet” questions every 20 minutes)! To make the trip easier, prepare yourself and your pet for traveling with these five tips for a fun-filled vacation getaway with your pets.

Make your pet comfortable.
If there is room, bring your fur baby’s pet bed or favorite blankets to make him more comfortable on the car ride or at your final destination. If you’re driving, try not to make him squeeze into the floorboard or at the very back where luggage could potentially fall on him. Remember, safety is just as important for your pet as it is for humans. Whether you roll down the window or crank up the A/C, make sure your pet gets plenty of air. Also, be sure your pet doesn’t travel on a full stomach to avoid carsickness.

Distract your pet on long road trips.
Get a new toy or treat to occupy your pet’s mind and concentration so that he doesn’t get emotionally stressed from being in the car for an extended period of time. Don’t hand it over until your pet is in the car and you are driving, though. Otherwise, he will have time to get bored with it and instead divert his attention to the long trip ahead.

Leave extra time in your schedule.
With your pet in tow, it may take longer to get to your destination than it usually does because he will need to stop for bathroom breaks along the way. Make sure to allow extra time in your driving schedule to stop for a walk, fresh air and to use the bathroom.

Plan ahead if you’ll be flying with your pet.
Most airlines have their own restrictions and guidelines on the number of pets allowed and whether you can carry an animal in the cabin or if you need to check a pet in their carriers. Some airlines may also have excess fees for boarding your pet, usually ranging between $75 and $200. Check your airline’s website for specific details about flying with your pet and what you’ll need to do before arriving for departure.

Remember, airports can be a stressful environment for pets that aren’t seasoned travelers and especially for those who have never flown before. Keep the following things in mind to make the trip a little smoother for both of you.

  1. If possible, fly direct to your destination to avoid the added stress of your pet having to change planes.
  2. Book early to ensure a “seat” for your pet. This is especially important for airlines that limit the number of pets that can travel on a given flight.
  3. Invest in a carrier that will make your pet feel safe and comfortable, and attach an ID tag with all of your information just in case.
  4. Avoid sedatives, as they can cause respiratory and cardiovascular problems in your pet as the plane ascends to higher altitudes.
  5. Don’t feed your pet right before the flight.
  6. Make sure they have used the bathroom before boarding.
  7. Take a few minutes to play with them to steady their nerves.

Check, check, check.
Before you leave home, run through your last-minute to-do list to make sure you’ve done everything you need to in order to make your trip a memorable one. Grab your Tomlyn Relax & Calm Chews to take the edge off for a more enjoyable car or plane ride. These chews are great for dogs or cats and help your pet overcome environmentally induced stress during the trip.

Vacations should be relaxing and fun from beginning to end. You’re on your own when it comes to occupying yourself on the trip, but try these tricks with your pet for a whole new experience in vacationing with your furry friend.

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