How to manage your pet's autumn allergies

Posted by Tomlyn on Oct 30th 2014

The changing of seasons brings with it environmental allergens and irritants that can affect the eyes, nose, skin adn other body systems of both people and animals. Most companion canines and felines will be able to adapt to these seasonal changes. But, for those animals that are not quite able to self-adjust, pet owners must intervene with baths, conditioning rinses, eye/ear drops, or other medications and supplements to help our four-legged friends get through the season. A pet’s ability to adapt to environment allergens is based on a variety of factors and to help prevent these allergens from affecting your pet’s immune system, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  1. Keep your home low in allergenic potential. Vaccum alll carpeting and upholstry and wash all pet and human bedding at least every seven days.
  2. Keep windows closed and run an air filteration system on a year-round basis.
  3. Change filters on both heating and cooling systems per manufacturer guidelines.
  4. Bathe your pet every seven to 30 days (once weekly or once monthly) or as your pet’s veterinarian suggests based on your pet’s skin and coat needs.
  5. Use an eye irrigating solution, like Tomlyn’s Sterile Eye Wash – Opticlear™. This will help clear any discomfort and itching.
  6. Schedule a physical examination with your veterinarian every 12 months or more frequently depending on your pet’s age and health.
  7. Provide a freshly prepared, whole food-based diet with human-grade protein, vegetables, fruits, fats and fiber. Avoid ingredients lacking in protein and grain “meals and by-products” with artificial colors or flavors or other feed-grade components.
  8. Commit to readily resolving or managing disease conditions, like inflammation associated with illness that can negatively impact immune system health.
  9. Maintain your pet’s weight (ideally three out of three on the Body Condition Score) for the lifetime of your pet. If your pet is obese or overweight, this could cause unnecessary stress on all body systems and contribute to inflammation, which can cause serious health problems.