Less Stress, More Summer Fun!

Posted by Tomlyn on May 16th 2018

May 2018

Warmer temperatures throughout the United States mean the school year is winding down and summer fun is on its way! While the rest of your family might enjoy the best summer has to offer, pets may find it a stressful time. Loud noises such as thunderstorms and fireworks, changes in schedule, travel, interactions with strangers, and boarding can make pets stressed or anxious. Dogs and cats tend to show signs of stress and anxiety slightly differently.

Dogs Cats
Panting, pacing, trembling or vocalization House soiling
Licking, chewing, or biting Hiding
Aggression toward people or other animals Escape behaviors
Destructive or escape behaviors Excessive grooming
Inappropriate urination or defecation Trembling, panting, or vocalization
Self-trauma Aggression toward people or other animals
Appetite changes Increased or decreased human interaction


Being aware of these signs can help you recognize when your pet is stressed or anxious, allowing you to better support him. Being consistent in a routine, and not making a fuss out of departures or arrivals, can help pets suffering from anxiety associated with separation and schedule changes. Providing a dark, quiet room with gentle, soothing music and favorite toy can help calm pets with noise sensitivities. Rewarding dogs for positive behaviors such as sitting, staying or playing fetch during times of anxiety can help divert unwanted anxious behaviors. Supplements can also help pets adjust to stressful situations.

Tomlyn’s Relax and Calm contains two ingredients that help pets maintain a normal disposition during stressful times. Both tryptophan and chamomile have calming properties. The ginger in the product can help settle uneasy stomachs that often accompany stress and anxiety. Owners will find that the product works best if it is given two to three hours before the noisy event or stressful situation occurs.

Hopefully knowing more about stress and anxiety will allow you to get out and enjoy the summer with all your friends and family, both human and 4-legged!