New Year’s Resolutions from the Tomlyn Team Family Pets

Posted by Tomlyn on Dec 31st 2014

In 2014 we saw photos of dogs chewing on their beds, videos of cats climbing curtains and testimonials telling of ferret curiosity. So it’s clear to the Tomlyn team that humans are not the only ones who should make some resolutions for 2015 at this time of year! Whether it’s a promise to work hard on kicking a bad habit, learn a new trick, tackle a fear, try something new or to just keep being your loveable four-legged friend – they can keep their promises on our Facebook and Twitter pages using #TomlynResolutions. Share away and encourage your pet pals to post their resolutions as well until Saturday, Jan. 10 for a chance to win some Tomlyn products! 

Need a few ideas? Here are a few resolutions from our pets to yours for encouragement in 2015:

"To find the most comfortable place in the house for my naps." - Tabitha Cromer's cat, Roxy 

“I will not chew my mom’s shoes in 2015.” – Shannon Morlas’ dog 

”I will try not to scratch the window at the front door when I see cats, squirrels or my friend – the neighbor’s dog – go by.” – Darren Bartels’ dog, Leia

“I will not beg for treats every second of every day. I will also try to learn to clean up my ‘messes’ outside!” – Michael Ficke’s dog, Lucy

“I will try not to get on mommy’s couch when she leaves for work.” – Katherine Kear’s dog, Jasmine