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Cat Bathing 101

September 2018 Even the most inexperienced of all cat owners probably knows one fundamental truth about felines. Most of them hate water. The good news is that they generally do a great job of grooming themselves. With a bit of…

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Spring Health Tips for Dogs

Spring is finally here! Trees and flowers are starting to bloom, baseball season is starting, and the temptation to spend more time outside is growing by the minute. If you are like me, spending time outdoors includes my favorite canine…

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Equine Respiratory Health

With cold temperatures blanketing much of the United States, finding ways to maintain respiratory health is on everyone’s mind. You shouldn’t forget about your horse’s either, as challenges to respiratory health can decrease wellness and potentially limit performance. Here are…

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Answers To Common Questions About Moving With Pets

Moving across state lines can be a complicated process. There are always new laws and regulations, including for animals. Every state has a different set of rules about when and how pet owners can bring their cats, dogs, birds, ferrets, rabbits, and horses. In addition to looking up new laws, experts recommend taking other steps to make moving a better experience for your pets. Here are a few frequently asked questions…

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