Posted by Tomlyn on Nov 21st 2016

From Traveling to Holiday Decor, Tomlyn® Veterinarian Offers Advice to Keep Our Four-Legged Family Members Healthy During the Holidays

FORT WORTH, Texas (November 21, 2016) –– The holiday season brings with it many joys, but also a set of issues unique to pet owners.  “Whether it’s a house full of guests around an anxious pet, holiday food left unattended on kitchen counters or seasonal décor left out for the chewing, there is an increase in emergency vet visits this time of year*,” says Dr. Jim Lowe, technical services veterinarian at Tomlyn® pet products (

Dr. Lowe highlights four common holiday pet mishaps and how to avoid them:

  • Holiday Hosting: Groups of unknown people, along with the loud noises of holiday gatherings, can make a cat or dog anxious causing them act out, such as jumping up on guests or acting fearful. “Designate a quiet area for your pet away from the festivities, including his favorite toy or blanket so he has a place to retreat to,” suggests Dr. Lowe. “In addition, consider a calming supplement like Tomlyn’s Relax & Calm Chews, or Natural Pet Pharmaceutical Anxiety & Stress for Dogs and Cats, an all-natural, taste-free liquid formula that is added to your pet’s water to help relieve stress-related symptoms such as restlessness, whining and fear of loud noises.”
  • Begging for Trouble: Treating your dog to a few table scraps may seem harmless, but if everyone at your holiday table sneaks a snack to your pooch, he will likely end up with some digestive issues.  “High fat foods, such as buttery mashed potatoes or gravy, can cause vomiting and dehydration,” explains Dr. Lowe.  “Prepare his tummy with a probiotic like Tomlyn’s Pre & Probiotic Water Soluble Powder, two weeks before the holiday, to help support proper digestive and bowel health.”
  • Stash the Trash: “My experience is that dogs are more likely to get their food scraps from the kitchen trash versus the table, so make sure the kitchen garbage and outdoor garbage receptacles are tightly sealed so your dog isn’t having a feast on dangerous turkey bones while you are enjoying the distraction of company,” adds Dr. Lowe.
  • Traveling Terrors: Traveling makes everyone a bit anxious, especially dogs and cats. A scared pet may whine, cry, scratch or even attempt to walk throughout a moving car creating an even more dangerous situation for all passengers. “If possible, try to prepare your pet for the trip by taking short car rides to get him comfortable in the car or carrier case,” suggests Dr. Lowe. “On the big day, pull your pet’s food and water in the morning to help prevent motion sickness or bathroom emergencies. And, if anxiety is something you know can’t be avoided, consider a non-drug calming supplement like Tomlyn’s Relax & Calm Chews specifically formulated with L-Tryptophan, chamomile and ginger, to help reduce hyperactivity and support relaxation in both dogs and cats.”
  • Dangerous Decor: Although traditional for the season, holiday plants such as poinsettias, holly and mistletoe can cause nausea and vomiting if accidentally ingested by pets. “Don’t forget about tinsel and other dangling decorations that can be a favorite to cats and dogs alike, as they can potentially create blockages in the digestive tract if swallowed,” warns Dr. Lowe. “If your pet tends to chew, keep décor high up and out of reach, and opt for artificial plants.”

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*Source:  American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) data