Wonder What L-Lysine is for??? Check out these notes from our vet, Dr. Jim Lowe

Posted by Tomlyn on Oct 13th 2015

Why L-lysine? Lysine supplementation supports ocular and respiratory health in cats. Lysine may be used in conjunction with other supportive modalities. What is L-lysine? Lysine is an amino acid providing support for conditions responsive to lysine supplementation. Is L- lysine harmful to dogs? While not harmful, there is no indication of benefits to dogs. What are some indications for L-lysine? L-lysine is indicated for support of ocular and respiratory health in cats. Are there indications for the recommended administration levels of L-lysine to be adjusted? With flare-ups of ocular or respiratory conditions, periods of confinement, or highly stressful situations, your veterinarian may recommend an adjustment to the maintenance level of lysine being administered.? Such changes should be made only after consultation with your veterinary professional who can best assess the current health status of your pet. Can the different forms of L-lysine be used concurrently? Different administration forms of lysine can be used concurrently.? The key is to meet the daily recommended levels of lysine administration.