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Deep Moisturizing Pad Cream – Protecta® Pad

Deep moisturizer for paw pads and nails

  • Deep moisturizer-great for active, hunting, & senior dogs as well as weather conditions
  • Non-waxy feel
  • Pleasant, minty smell
  • Restores moisture, pliability and resiliency to calloused paw pads and nails
  • Cools and soothes the paws
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!
  • Lanolin helps soften dry areas, including brittle nails
  • Contains natural collagen proteins

Apply as needed. Work Tomlyn® Deep Moisturizing Pad Cream into cracks and crevices of pads and elbows and other calloused areas.

Deep Moisturizing Pad Cream

  • UPC: 0-30521-00201-6
  • Tomlyn Product Code: 411598
Hot Spot Spray – Allercaine for Dogs

4-in-1 Solution-helps prevent infection, deters licking and biting, soothes irritated skin & reduces pain & itching

  • For use on dogs only
  • Available in a 12 oz and an economical 4 oz solution
  • Specially formulated for dogs
  • Easy to use spray
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!
  • Benzalkonium Chloride helps prevent infection
  • Bittran II™ “Bitter Apple” deters licking and biting
  • Lidocaine reduces pain and itching
  • Lanolin & Aloe to soothe irritated skin

For use on dogs only. Spray on localized irritated areas as required. Dogs who are highly allergic should be bathed regularly for optimal skin and tissue health.

Hot Spot Spray 4oz

  • UPC: 0-30521-06151-8
  • Tomlyn Product Code: 411387

Hot Spot Spray 12oz

  • UPC: 0-30521-06171-6
  • Tomlyn Product Code: 411388
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