About Us

The Tomlyn Vision

Your pets deserve veterinarian-approved formulas wherever you choose to shop — neighborhood specialty stores, online stores, or retail outlets.

At Tomlyn, we only use quality formulations and proven, scientific knowledge to drive our uncompromising ethical approach, which uses wholesome ingredients to provide real benefits for pets.

Science-backed Products

We are proud that Tomlyn products have helped millions of pets feel better and stay healthy. Whether you’re buying Pre & Probiotic Nutritional Supplement Flavorless Packets or Joint & Hip Support Chicken-Flavored Chews, feel confident your pets are getting well-researched, quality ingredients formulated at the right levels.

High Quality Standards

These are the products we buy for our own pets. Tomlyn products are made in the United States and Canada, which helps ensure the highest quality production. Expect the best, especially when you’re counting on a nutritional supplement to help your dog or cat.

Our History

Our story began when an entrepreneurial veterinarian, Tom, and his wife, Lyn, decided to create a line of nutritional supplements, dermatological treatments and shampoos for dogs and cats that would outperform everything else available. They created Tomlyn. Today, Tomlyn is backed by Vetoquinol, an independent, family-owned business operating worldwide and focused exclusively on products for animals.