“Saved My Cat’s Life”

“Meet Caesar…Caesar has tried other hairball products with ease but your product is the only one that makes him come running when he hears the cupboard open. In fact, the fact that he likes it so much is getting a little distracting as he’ll just sit in front of the cupboard, pawing away at it…..not one paw but two so I know he means business, and he looks up at me with his big eyes and meow and meow and meoowww. The tinker doesn’t stop until he gets a wee bit of the hairball gel and then he wanders off a very satisfied customer. He is a fan!”

– Jill G.

“Works So Much Better Than Other Products”

“I have been giving the Tomlyn Pre & Probiotics to my dog and cat every day for a couple months now. My dog and cat have both have had to deal with digestive issues and sensitive tummies and I have tried a lot of different things that either didn’t help or not much. My cat is picky and knows when I put something in her food, but the powder dissolves easily in wet food so she doesn’t notice. I love the individual packets and makes it a lot easier and mixes well with food. I’ve been using the product now for a couple months and I’ve seen a big improvement in both of them as far as their digestive issues and potty problems. It works so much better than any of the other products I’ve tried. Thanks so much for making great products and will definitely always make sure to have these probiotics on hand at all time. Thanks so much! Peggy”

– Ashleigh P.

“Tomlyn Pill-Masker has been a life saver for us”

“Both of my cats, Rory and Rhys (they are brothers), have heart disease. The Tomlyn Pill-Masker has been a life saver for us. It allows me to give the boys their medicine in a fun and stress-free way, instead of having to force pills down their throats. Rhys will now even come running when I shake the pill bottle because he’s so excited to get his daily treat!” - Jackie Hogan

– Andy B.

At Tomlyn, we only use quality formulations and proven, scientific knowledge to drive our uncompromising ethical approach, which uses effective ingredients to provide real benefits for pets. We are proud that Tomlyn products have helped millions of pets feel better and stay healthy.  


Whether you’re buying Tomlyn Pre & Probiotic Nutritional Supplement Flavorless Packets or Tomlyn Joint & Hip Support Chicken-Flavored Chews , feel confident your pets are getting well-researched, quality ingredients formulated at the right levels.

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