On the Road Again

Posted by Steve Dale on Nov 29th 2021

Even before the pandemic, travel by car with the family pet has been on the rise. With each passing year more people want all family members to join in on road trips. Now with increased pet adoptio … read more

Thanksgiving Trouble to Avoid

Posted by Steve Dale on Nov 18th 2021

Turkey Day may be fun for us to gather with family, but it’s one of those days when veterinary emergency clinics are most busy.Dumpster diving and counter surfing are dangerous sports for dogs and … read more

A Hairy Situation

Posted by Steve Dale on Oct 27th 2021

If you have a cat, you know the sound. You can hear it a mile away or at least a room away – it’s the unmistakable sound of a cat coughing up a hairball. Cats are fastidious groom … read more