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TOMLYN® Continues Launch of New Joint & Hip Chews and Reformulated Relax & Calm Chews at SuperZoo 2014

Fort Worth, Texas, June 24, 2014 – Tomlyn®, creator of pet health and wellness products, today announced its attendance at SuperZoo 2014 with its new product line, Joint & Hip Chews, along with the launch of reformulated Relax & Calm Chews line. Both products will be on display at the company’s booth, No. 9017, at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas July 22 through July 24. The launch of Tomlyn’s newest products features a fresh, new brand design, which better conveys the product and its use for pets. Additionally, Tomlyn continues its focus on enhancing the relationship between pet owners and their pets with the launch of these two products.

"We’re excited to showcase our ‘shiny new coat’ and bring our new and reformulated products to potential customers and retailers attending SuperZoo," said Katherine Kear, marketing and sales coordinator for Tomlyn. "Additionally, since we know attendees will have long days during the expo, we’d like to invite all attendees to our booth, No. 9017, to check out our new products and receive a complimentary chair massage." New to the Tomlyn family of products is the Joint & Hip line, veterinarian-formulated chew supplements designed to maintain healthy cartilage and support normal joint and muscle functions for cats and small, medium, large and senior dogs. The supplements are easy to administer (only one or two daily), which enhances compliance, and contain proven ingredients including glucosamine, MSM, chondroitin from a natural source, Perna canaliculus and creatine, plus EPA and DHA.

Tomlyn also is re-introducing its Relax & Calm line, reformulated chew supplements designed to support balanced behavior, relaxation and reduce hyperactivity in dogs and cats. The chews are easy to administer and calm naturally, without causing excitation, and contain proven ingredients including chamomile, ginger and a high level of L-tryptophan as compared to other chews in the market. "Tomlyn has dedicated its efforts to helping enhance the bond between pet owners and their pets by providing relief for joints and hips and behavioral issues in cats and dogs," said Eric Alsup, DVM, general manager of Vétoquinol, the parent company of Tomlyn. "Both Relax & Calm and Joint & Hip help with these areas of concern, which have the most impact on the pet owner-pet relationship, including decisions to give up a pet to a shelter or have a pet euthanized later in life." Founded more than 35 years ago, Tomlyn has expanded its product line rapidly in the last two years. For more information about the company’s variety of scientifically formulated products for pets, visit Tomlyn.com.

About Tomlyn®

Tomlyn is a pet health and wellness company founded in 1976 that carries a complete line of the finest scientifically developed veterinarian-approved pet healthcare products. The company has a wide range of product categories, including: vitamins and immune support, high-calorie supplements, hairball remedies, dermatological, all natural remedies and sanitizers. Known as the maker of Nutri-Cal®, a high-calorie nutritional supplement, and Laxatone®, for the elimination and prevention of hairballs, Tomlyn is a division of Vétoquinol USA and owned by Vétoquinol SA, the tenth largest veterinary pharmaceutical company in the world. For more information about products for dogs, cats and other companion animals, visit Tomlyn.com.

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