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(FORT WORTH, TX) –– Labor Day holiday is upon us and a Tomlyn veterinarian, Dr. Jim Lowe, has advice for anyone traveling with pets.

Tomlyn is a 40-year-old company founded by vets and owned by the ninth largest vet pharmaceutical companies in the world, Vetoquinol. Many of their products contain the highest level of the active ingredient on the market for OTC supplements, and are formulated to exceed industry-mandated standards. 

“A first aid kit for your pet is a simple, inexpensive way to prevent exacerbating a problem while away from home with your pet,” said Dr. Lowe. “People keep a first aid kit on-hand for human accidents, and it’s just as important to do the same for your pet.”

Dr. Lowe suggests five key products to keep in your pet’s first aid kit:

  1. Emetic. This is an agent that causes vomiting. While inducing vomiting is not recommended in most circumstances, pets can get into poisonous substances while on vacation. Since the environment is new, pet owners don’t have control over what is around them.

    Anti-diarrheal agent. Due to changes in routine and diet, pets can experience irregularities and discomfort while on vacation. Anti-diarrheal agents contain kaolin and pectin to dry up the stool and relieve bowel irritation.

  2. Wound care materials. A small supply of bandage material (cotton padding, non-adhering wound pads, elastic tape) should be on hand. Additionally, a small bottle of sterile wound irrigation (water, physiologic saline) can be used to flush contaminated wounds of debris and potential pathogens.

  3. Topical wound care product. Topical products are available containing antibiotics to control infection and agents for minimizing pain and inflammation. These products are offered in gels and sprays.

  4. Allergy medication. In case of allergic reaction, consult with your veterinarian regarding an appropriate antihistamine/allergy medication to have on hand.

For more information on Tomlyn, visit the company’s website, and use the locator to find Tomlyn products near you.

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About Tomlyn®

Tomlyn, a pet health and wellness company founded in 1976, carries a complete line of scientifically developed, veterinarian-approved pet health products. The company’s wide range of product categories range from: immune support, vitamins and supplements, hairball remedies, joint and hip support, calming aids to all-natural remedies and sanitizers. Known as the maker of Nutri-Cal® and Laxatone®, Tomlyn is owned by the ninth-largest veterinary pharmaceutical company in the world.

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