A Tale of Three Dogs and Pill-Masker (Part 2)

Posted by Tomlyn on Aug 15th 2019

In the first edition of this three part series, we learned how Pill-Masker can be used to help train healthy young dogs and condition them to the use of the product for pilling. In this edition, I will tell the story of how Pill-Masker has made medication time easier for a previously difficult to pill dog.

Daisy – “The Challenge”

Daisy is my mom’s Dalmatian and Ranger’s best friend. She came to our family in November 2015 after her previous family could no longer take care of her. At the time mom got her, she was on a twice daily medication and was very resistant to receiving it. After careful consultation with her veterinarian, mom was able to wean her from the medication within a few months. This allowed Daisy and mom to have a much better bond since there was no longer the twice daily struggle to get the pill in her.

However, because of her situational anxiety associated with thunderstorms and mom not being home, Daisy periodically needs medication to help her cope. Because Daisy developed such an aversion to receiving medications with her previous family, pilling time became almost as much of a stressor as whatever anxiety-inducing event we were hoping help her cope with. Mom tried it all – sprinkling it on her food, peanut butter, cheese, deli turkey, other pilling solutions. Nothing worked. Every time, she would end up with a freaked out dog, a puddle on the floor, and medication anywhere but in Daisy. Then we tried Pill-Masker.

Given Daisy’s history, and that we failed to get her to take the medication the first time we tried Pill-Masker, I encouraged mom to start slowly. For approximately 2 weeks, she gave Daisy small pieces of empty Pill-Masker at different times of the day. Sometimes she would get it when Old Man Hank would get his medications. Sometimes she would get it as a treat for being a good dog on her walk. Other times she would just get it for fun. Eventually, mom tried her medication in it, admittedly with a generous portion, and even then, still stuck it in with her dinner. Since that first successful use, Daisy has learned that she gets treats from where the Pill-Masker resides. Now, giving Daisy her medication when she needs it is no big deal! To reinforce this idea to her, we often give blanks to the other dogs who invariably show up for medication time. If it’s a fun treat for Ranger and Hank, it must be good!

Does Daisy’s story remind you of a pet you know? Perhaps Tomlyn’s Pill-Masker can change the narrative for you as well!

In the final edition of this series, I will tell the story of Old Man Hank who will be taking pills for the rest of his life.