Posted by Tomlyn on Apr 18th 2016

Tomlyn® Trifectant Disinfectant is at the Ready for this Resurgence of Highly Contagious H3N2 Strand; Now Cats Also at Risk

FORT WORTH, Texas, April 14, 2016 – Tomlyn, makers of the popular line of pet health and wellness products, is actively monitoring the supply and availability of its Trifectant® broad-spectrum disinfectant, which is capable of killing 99.9% of major viral, bacterial and fungal pathogens, including those that cause canine flu. It’s used in facilities where there is a large population of animals where diseases can more easily spread, such as animal shelters, boarding kennels, etc., though it can be used at home, as well.

The resurgence of the H3N2 strand of the canine flu in the Midwest, which is thought to be the same as last year’s deadly outbreak, is likely to be brought upon by the spring weather. The canine virus has already been reported in multiple states this year, but is now spreading among cats.

An animal shelter in Chicago1 recently reported more than 150 sickened dogs at their location. Last year, the Chicago area was faced with 1,700 infected dogs. Surprisingly, a group of cats in a shelter in northwestern Indiana2 have recently been infected with the influenza virus, which previously was thought to only affect dogs.

“The canine flu sickened hundreds of dogs in 28 states last year, and has the potential to spread even further, “ says Dr. Jim Lowe, technical services veterinarian for Tomlyn. “With pets becoming more active and social in the springtime, it is important to protect them from this highly contagious disease.”

The virus has an incubation period of one to three days, but infected pets can be contagious for up to two weeks. Symptoms include coughing, nasal discharge, fever and loss of appetite. It is currently not a threat to humans. 

Although vaccines are available for the H3N8 strand, this H3N2 strand of canine flu is fairly new. In November 20153, the U.S. Department of Agriculture granted a conditional license to market the first commercially available H3N2 canine influenza vaccine.

The virus most commonly spreads among animals through close contact at daycare centers, boarding facilities, dog parks and similar areas where there are larger group of dogs or cats. According to Dr. Lowe, facilities should aim to prevent the virus spreading by properly disinfecting with a product like Tomlyn’s Trifectant. It mixes with water for a ready-to-use solution that is safe for humans and animals, biodegradable and effective at killing pathogens that cause canine flu, parvovirus and other diseases that can affect dogs, cats, horses or other animals. It is available over-the-counter from a variety of local retailers.

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