New Gell Supplements from Tomlyn® Deliver Benefits without the Pill

Posted by Tomlyn on Jul 10th 2011

Fort Worth, TX – July 25, 2011 – Creator of pet health and wellness products, Tomlyn today annouced four new gel supplements designed to support dog and cat health: Joint & Hip Power™, Omega Power and Relax & Clam. Developed by in-house veterinarians, Tomlyn's new gel supplements contain only certified ingredients and are formulated to taste great for easy administration. All four products can be ordered through pet distributors and will be available in pet stores nationwide this summer.

The Tomlyn nutrional supplement line now contains these additional products for addressing nutrition and behavior:

  • Joint & Hip Power, a gel for cats and kittens to support movement contains Glucosamine, creatine, MSM, EPA, DHA and Chondroitin from green-lipped mussls
  • Omega Power, a gel for cats and kittens to improve skin and health; contains Omega 3 fatty acids, DHA and EPA
  • Relax & Calm, a gel for dogs and cats to address stress during travel, separation, storms or loud noises; contains L-tryptophan, chamomile and ginger

"Our company has found that pet owners desire scientifically-backed, quality supplements to benefit and improve their pet's health, but are also seeking a simple delivery method," said Peter Trevino, business unit manager for Tomlyn. "These new gel supplements help a pet to ingest the supplement easily because they taste and smell great and are licked rather than swallowed whole. This is especially helpful with cats, who are typically adverse to taking pills. Our company is excited to be able to bring a quality, simple solution to the market."

For more information about nutritional gastrointestinal, dermatological and other offerings from Tomlyn, visit Tomlyn products are available through pet product distributors and at pet stores nationwide.

About Tomlyn

Tomlyn is a pet health and wellness company founded in 1976 that carries a complete line of the finest scientifically developed veterinarian-approved pet healthcare products. The company has a wide range of product categories including: nutrition, hairball remedy, dermatology, shampoo, and deodorizer/sanitizer. Known as the maker of Nutri-cal®, a high-calorie nutritional supplement, and Laxatone®, for the elimination and prevention of hairballs, Tomlyn is a division of Vétoquinol USA and owned by Vétoquinal SA, the 10th largest veterinary pharmaceutical company in the world. For more information about products for dogs, cats and other companion animals, visit