Posted by Tomlyn on Feb 28th 2012

ORLANDO, FL — February 29, 2012 —Tomlyn, a leader in pet health and wellness products, announced the launch of two products today at Global Pet Expo 2012, presented by the American Pet Products Association (APPA) and the Pet Industry Distributors Association (PIDA). This month, the company is re-­-introducing Fungisan® Antiseptic Germicidal Solution, an antiseptic spray for dogs and cats, and introducing a new chew supplement, Relax & Calm. Both products are on display at the company’s booth (#2209) at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida (Feb. 29 – March 2).

Available in a 4-­-ounce spray or 12-­-ounce flip bottle, Fungisan is designed to help control skin infections and promote healing of “hot spots” and insect bites that affect the skin. The product’s dual purposes – controlling infections and painless application – make it an ideal choice for both canine and feline first aid needs.

New to the Tomlyn family of products is Relax & Calm chews, a veterinarian-­-formulated chew supplement designed to support balanced behavior, relaxation and reduced hyperactivity in dogs and cats. Tomlyn developed the product after the success of its Relax & Calm gel introduced in July 2011. The formulation contains L-­-trypophan, chamomile and ginger, and helps ease pet stress during travel, separation and storms/loud noises.

Peter Trevino, business unit manager for Tomlyn, believes that the company’s product offerings are stronger than ever. "Tomlyn products are focused on real solutions to common problems, such as itchy spots that can be remedied by Fungisan or behavior issues that can be calmed by the new Relax & Calm chews," said Trevino. "Looking across the entire line of Tomlyn products, our team can’t help but be proud of the difference we can make in the lives of pets everywhere."

Founded more than 35 years ago, Tomlyn introduced new user-­-friendly packaging and launched more than 11 new products in 2011. For more information about nutritional supplements, first aid, hairball remedies and all natural remedies for pets, visit

About Tomlyn®

Tomlyn is a pet health and wellness company founded in 1976 that carries a complete line of the finest scientifically developed veterinarian-­-approved pet healthcare products. The company has a wide range of product categories including: nutrition, hairball remedy, dermatology, shampoo, and deodorizer/sanitizer. Known as the maker of Nutri-­-Cal®, a high-­-calorie nutritional supplement, and Laxatone®, for the elimination and prevention of hairballs, Tomlyn is a division of Vétoquinol USA and owned by Vétoquinol SA, the 10th largest veterinary pharmaceutical company in the world. For more information about products for dogs, cats and other companion animals, visit