Tomlyn® Displays Jackson Galaxy-branded Pill-Masker Products with New In-Store Point-of-Purchase Display Kits

Posted by Tomlyn on May 29th 2018

FORT WORTH, TEXAS (May 29, 2018) – To help retail partners showcase its Jackson Galaxy co-branded Pill-Masker Paste for Dogs & Cats, Tomlyn®, a world-class developer of scientifically developed, veterinarian-approved animal health products, has designed a new point-of-purchase (POP) display kit.

“The Tomlyn Pill-Masker paste is a product that our customers rave about when we see them in-person, and when they reach out to us on social media. Because of its popularity, we wanted to make it easier for our retail partners to display the product in-store,” said Tabitha Cromer, marketing manager at Tomlyn. “Our partnership with Jackson Galaxy, and his face on the product label, further captures the attention of pet owners who see the display.”

Jackson Galaxy Pill Masker Point of Purchase display

The POP display kit comes pre-loaded with six Pill-Masker products for cats and dogs, and is refillable. The kit can be used on a shelf or hanging from a wire grid to optimize space.

The Tomlyn Pill-Masker, a great alternative to other less palatable pill aids, is easy to use and doesn’t dry out while filling. Each container includes over 50 servings, and can be used as a treat or for training purposes. Animals of all sizes enjoy the product, as it is highly palatable with its bacon flavor.

Tomlyn partnered with Jackson Galaxy, an animal advocate, host of Animal Planet’s My Cat From Hell and a New-York Times best-selling author, to promote the Pill-Masker paste in 2017. Together, Jackson and Tomlyn strive to make the unpleasant job of giving pills to pets easier.

Retailers interested in ordering a Pill-Masker POP display kit can contact their distributor or a Tomlyn territory manager. The displays are available now. Additional information about the POP display can be found by contacting the Tomlyn customer service center at 1.877.580.7729.

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About Tomlyn®:

Tomlyn, a world-class animal health and wellness company founded in 1976, carries a complete line of scientifically developed, veterinarian-approved animal health products. The company’s wide selection of product categories range from immune support, vitamins, digestive support and hairball remedies, to joint and hip support, calming aids and sanitizers. Tomlyn expanded into the equine and bovine industry in 2017 with the EPIC ® line and now the addition of three new Equistro® equine health supplements. Tomlyn is owned by, Vetoquinol, the eighth-largest veterinary pharmaceutical company in the world. For more information, please visit, or connect with us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

About Jackson Galaxy:

Jackson Galaxy is an animal advocate, host of Animal Planet’s My Cat From Hell and is a New York Times best-selling author with more than 20 years of experience helping humans understand cats and helping cats find their mojo.