Maintaining Healthy Joints in Your Pet

Posted by Tomlyn on Mar 16th 2015

Your pet’s joints can take a pounding from a variety of daily activities – from diving for toys to jumping to high places, like perches or stairs. Much like humans, pets’ joints wi … read more

7 Tips to Ring in the New Year with Your Pet

Posted by Tomlyn on Dec 25th 2014

As we say goodbye to 2014 and hello to 2015, families around the country will be celebrating New Year’s Eve in their own ways - at home watching the ball drop in Times Square, attending a party, wa … read more

How to manage your pet's autumn allergies

Posted by Tomlyn on Oct 30th 2014

The changing of seasons brings with it environmental allergens and irritants that can affect the eyes, nose, skin adn other body systems of both people and animals. Most companion canines and felines … read more

Note from our Vet - Dr. McLaughlin - September 2014

Posted by Tomlyn on Sep 25th 2014

This month’s Q&A is with Dr. Brian McLaughlin, one of Tomlyn’s veterinarians who specializes in the know-how of our products and how they’re beneficial to your furry friends. This Q&A focuses on pu … read more